Signs My Ex Misses Me

Signs ex misses me

The signs that your ex misses you and wants to get back together can be difficult to interpret for someone who has been broken up with.

Be sure to watch the video above all the way through before reading this post to the end.

If you are wanting your ex back, it can be helpful to recognize the signs of an ex missing you.

What can make seeing real signs tricky is when you badly want to see them.

This is especially true when you are trying to make your ex miss you and are wanting to see evidence that your efforts are having an impact.

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I get it and so I’m going to walk you through some signs that suggest your ex is missing you.

List of Signs Your Ex Misses You

1. Your Ex Misses Intimacy With You

People use the word intimacy to mean different things.

In this case, I’m using intimacy to mean the sharing of oneself with another which can also be referred to as emotional intimacy.

So for example, sharing the details of your life, sharing private thoughts or feelings, sharing your body’s intimate parts, and sharing life together in general are examples of intimacy.

Notice the word used repeatedly in my description is “sharing.”

So a sign of your ex missing intimacy with you could be that he or she wants to know what is taking place in your life.

Your ex misses knowing about what happened in your day, with your work, your health, your passions, etc.

So an ex who is missing intimacy would ask her/his ex about those things or try to find them out by seeking the information from another person.

Another sign that your ex is missing intimacy with you is if they mention romantic memories, stories, or inside jokes that you two share.

The fact that those things were on their mind or came to mind quickly is a great clue that your ex is feeling the intimate connection they have with you and not wanting it to be gone.

If your ex is missing intimacy with you, it’s a powerful sign that he or she is missing being with you, the relationship, and you, in general.

It’s a terrific clue that your ex is having some difficult internal realizations about your role in their life.

2. Your Ex Can’t Stop Communication With You

This sign of your ex missing you is more obvious than others, but it’s one of the clearest signs which is great because it’s also one of the easiest to notice.

What kind of communication am I talking about?

I know that a lot of people notice their social media being active with likes and even comments by their ex.

If it’s not a direct message to you but more of a general comment or action, I don’t suggest you respond or reach out in another way.

Stick to the way that your ex used to contact you.

So for example, if your ex makes a comment on a social post of yours and you feel a response is necessary, keep it brief and respond in the comment section.

Don’t jump to another, more private form of communication like texting.


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Because it can make you look more interested in getting back together or as though you were waiting for something small to get excited about.

Trust me, it won’t help you.

So what you should do if your ex can’t stop communicating with you?

I talk about that in my Emergency Breakup Kit along with my videos and articles.

I’ll share a general concept with you on that here.

If your ex just can’t stop communicating with you, do your best to arrange a face-to-face meeting.

It would be ideal if it were their suggestion so be patient.

3. They Keep Pictures of You Two Together On Social Media

If many or even just one picture of the two of you together is kept on social media, it’s a solid sign that your ex is holding on some.

This happens more when you disappear and don’t reach out at all soon after the breakup.

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The tendency is for an ex to want to delete those if the person they break up with pressures them and keeps trying to get back together with them.

That’s why it’s important to give your ex the breakup by using the No Contact Rule as soon as possible after a breakup.

In doing this you use the law of attraction to help get your ex back.

It’s powerful for your ex to admit to themselves (even if they won’t admit it to others) that he/she doesn’t want to remove pictures of the two of you from social media.

And if you don’t chase them, they are much more likely to leave those pictures up and realize that they miss you.

Why would your ex be more likely to leave those pictures up if you use no contact and stay away?

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Because they won’t feel the need to demonstrate distance between you.

They won’t be scared of leading you on more or contributing to you bugging them.

I talk about this a lot more in my article about the stages your ex goes through during no contact.

The answer is likely “yes,” if your ex hasn’t taken down pictures of the two of you and you are asking, “What are signs that my ex misses me?”

4. Your Ex Reminisces With Friends About Experiences You Two Shared

This is different than the sign I shared earlier about your ex sharing memories of things you two did together with you, but the meaning is similar – it’s a clue that your ex misses you.

What makes this somewhat different is that your ex could be choosing to remember with friends for a few potential reasons.

It could be that your ex doesn’t want you to know that they’re remembering those things because you might take it as them wanting to get back together and they could not be ready for that quite yet.

It could also be that your ex wants his/her friends to do the work of telling you because your ex is scared of your rejection, has social anxiety concerning you now that you’re broken up, or because they are trying to get over you but aren’t doing well with it.

It is still usually a good sign that your ex is missing you, but you can see that it doesn’t mean that your ex is missing you enough for you to expect immediate action.

As always, remember that your ex isn’t a math problem and that sometimes they do unexpected things that seem out of place and with odd timing.

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Similar conclusions can be made if your ex asks your friends about how you’re doing or events in your life.

5. If Your Ex Asks People If You Mention Him or Her

If your ex asks people who associate with you (friends, acquaintances, or colleagues) if you mention or talk about them, it’s generally a good sign that your ex is curious about you (one of the stages I mention in the article I linked to above).

While it is often a good sign, sometimes it’s simply your ex seeing if you are doing better with the breakup so that they don’t worry that you’ll stalk them or pressure them to get back together anymore.

That being said, it often means that your ex wants to know where you are in terms of moving on or not because he/she is beginning to doubt their decision to break up and missing you to some degree or another.

This means that your ex could be open to getting back together in the future (hopefully the near future).

6. Your Ex Makes Excuses To See You

Your ex needs help and only you can do it. Right.

Your ex wonders about the name of a book or movie you suggested.

Your ex wants you to come get your things (this one can mean many things however).

Your ex shows up somewhere he/she knows you’ll be.

There are others but you get the idea.

If your ex finds reasons to see you it could be a coincidence but it could also mean that he/she misses you.

It’s important that you stay casual and polite rather than acting as though you are excited and celebrating because you think they want you back.

Your ex needs to notice that, though you are polite and in a good mood, that there is still some reservation.

This person broke up with you after all and so they need to rebuild trust with you.

That’s the attitude you should have and the things you should consider.

7. If Your Ex Is Jealous, It Shows They Miss You

Jealousy is a sign your ex misses you

This is another obvious one but I understand that you probably want to hear it from someone who has observed a large number of cases of breakups.

If your ex demonstrates that they are jealous, it’s a good clue they notice your absence in their life.

Maybe your ex gets upset if you are sitting with someone they see as a potential romantic partner.

Perhaps they specifically ask your friends if you’re dating or they react negatively if they find out from your friends that you were speaking with someone.

You likely know what jealously looks like to large degree so I won’t get into all of that, but just know that it is a good thing if your ex feels it if you want them back (Also see my article, How to make your ex jealous).

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Remember the basics if you see these actions and traits in your ex.

Those things include the no contact rule, resisting the temptation to try to talk your ex into getting back together, making yourself as attractive as possible, using radio silence, and other strategies that I coach you to do to get your ex back (like in my Emergency Breakup Kit).

It’s important that you don’t become preoccupied or obsessed with trying to find signs and clues that your ex still wants you, loves you, or has feelings for you.

It can lead to preoccupation, anxiety, and delay your healing.

It’s best to understand that, even if your ex does still have feelings for you and want to get back together, this could take a while.

To Review, Here Is A List of Signs that Your Ex Misses You

  • Your ex misses intimacy with you
  • Your ex can’t stop communication with you
  • Your ex keeps pictures of the two of you on social media
  • Your ex reminisces with friends about experiences you two shared
  • If your ex asks people if you mention him or her
  • Your ex makes excuses to see you
  • Your ex is jealous

While nothing is guaranteed, if you notice one or all of those signs, your chances are good that your ex misses you.

I hope that list brings you comfort, but remember to keep a level head and remember that you want to let your ex come to you as much as possible.

I highly recommend my Emergency Breakup Kit to give you the best chance possible of getting your ex back.

No matter what, I wish you the very best. Trust the process and in your own attractiveness.

-Coach Lee
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