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Coach Lee's Emergency Breakup Kit
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The following are reviews of Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit which is an online course for individuals wanting to get their ex back after a breakup and to see if there is potential for the relationship to work out.

Though not every relationship can or should be saved, many often can be saved and a partner brought back by doing the right things while also avoiding the wrong ones. Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit is a guide to help individuals in this situation.

Emergency Breakup Kit Review by K.B.

“My girlfriend of 1.5 years broke up with me because she “lost the passion.” I was in a marriage of 30 years before I met her. When the breakup occurred, I truly thought I had nothing left. I cried a little bit, but did not beg and plead. I did ask if we could work on things, and take a little break. She did not want to do that.

The day after the breakup, I found Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit. A little under 2 months later, I received a text from her telling me how weird it had been not having me around, that she missed me, and wanted to be friends. I then started watching Coach Lee’s videos [in the Emergency Breakup Kit) about when the ex reaches out and again, followed his advice to the tee. I was a new person. Looked and felt better, and had more confidence than ever, thanks to the teachings of Coach Lee. I am literally a new person.

Anyway, we went out, had dinner, walked along the beach, and immediately regained what we had in the beginning. That was two months ago. I do not know what the future holds, but right now, things are incredible. Coach Lee’s teachings were the main reason that I am in a great situation today.” -review by K.B.

Transcript of review: “Hey Coach Lee, I just wanted to say thanks to you. Because of watching your videos on your YouTube channel and bought your Emergency Breakup Kit, my ex came back and regret for dumping me after 5 months of the breakup. I followed all rules like what you said in [your] Emergency Breakup Kit and it worked. God bless you Coach.”

Transcript from Emergency Breakup Kit review above (top): “Watching your videos gave me the confidence to do no contact. It took 7 weeks but it definitely worked! My ex came back and he is actually the one wanting to communicate better and bringing more effort than I had seen in the last 5 years together. Thank you so much, you saved my sanity.”

Transcript from reviews above (bottom): “The best thing that happened to me during the breakup was finding Coach Lee. His videos saved me and I also got his Emergency Breakup Kit, which was also super helpful during [this] painful and uncertain period of my life. Coach Lee, I hope you will continue and expand your work to reach more people. Thank you.”

“So, so good! I am stunned as to how helpful this kit was for me! I did so many things wrong after my boyfriend broke up with me but thankfully it had only been a few days and Coach Lee’s breakup kit showed me what I had done wrong and WHY and so I simply stopped.

That was big for me becasue I felt SO MUCH like I had to do certain things to get him back and even though I wanted him back very, very badly, I learned how certain things I’d done had actually pushed him away. So it was like stopping my own self-sabatoge and that was so important in the whole thing. I applied what I learned in the kit and he ended up reaching out to me a couple of days before what would have been our 2 year anniversary and we got back together! Coach Lee, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! -Review by Theresa C.

Reviews of Emergency Breakup Kit: “Yes you helped me during a very dark time to think clearly and reclaim my power. My special person did reach out and is now pursuing me. All is well. Thank, Coach Lee!”

Caption of Emergency Breakup Kit reviews: “I listened to Coach Lee skeptically at first. Then I thought I had nothing to lose by just trying his advice. My ex and I are back together, although taking things slowly cause it’s hard to forget he blew off an entire year of cohabitation to be with someone he never even met in person but he thought looked pretty and sounded perfect online.

Turns out reality tends to be somewhat different from online depictions. All I can say is I have Coach Lee to thank for making me realize that I am as worthy as I was during the honeymoon stage of my relationship. This was my first relationship and I came in doe-eyed and really naive. Now I know better and have the experience I needed to move towards a better relationship, with my ex or with someone else.

I also found it incredible that what Coach Lee said in regards to rebounds is 100% correct. I saw the conversations between my ex/current partner and his month long rebound and she turned clingy. So Coach Lee really just knows what he’s talking about when he says you need to stop chasing because it drives them further away.”

Review by Tracy: In the days and weeks after my ex broke up with me, I found myself searching endlessly online for answers to try and alleviate the pain of losing someone I had loved so much and thought I would be with forever. Luckily, I stumbled across Coach Lee’s videos and his course the “Emergency Breakup Kit,” and finally had a plan of action to focus on instead of just sitting around, crying and hoping that things could be different. Honestly, I joked about taking this program to close friends as well as my therapist, as I never really expected it to work.

I thought my ex was out of my life forever. But I followed the instructions in all of the videos, and after I had moved out of our home and give up all hope, he asked if he cold take me to dinner and cried over his meal as he told me he couldn’t live without me and wanted to marry me. I’m still pinching myself and couldn’t be happier. We’ve fallen so deeply back in love, and are doing things differently this time (communicating better, etc.). I thought I’d lost the love of my life forever, but now he says he never wants to lose me again! -Tracy P.

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