Relationship Reignite Workshop

Saving relationships from breakups, separations, and even divorce! For individuals and couples who who want to break through!
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The Workshop!

This LIVE online workshop is Relationship Reignite (and is also known as Marriage Reignite). It is an intensive turn-around workshop for couples and individuals who are (or were) in serious relationships or a marriage that is in danger of ending or has ended due to anger, lies, affairs, loss of feelings, limerence for another person, and/or sexual unfulfillment.

The Details:

  • 3 days of 4 hour sessions that includes a live Q and A provided by professional marriage consultants.
  • Includes aftercare with follow-up coaching.
  • For couples working together to save their relationship and for individuals trying to save their relationship alone.
  • For relationships with or without children.
  • Limited spots available! Book your time below to discuss if the workshop is right for you! 

(Limited spots available)

Professional Testimonial
“Coach Lee’s work in helping people save their relationships in the acute phases of the separation is unmatched. Through his honest, open, and confident tone he is able to calm the soreness and fears. With his extensive experience after more than 20 years of guiding the separated along the journey to reconciliation, his clients find the strength, tools, and perspective desperately needed to find their way back to the lost loved one.

Coach Lee is an exceptional resource and a rare combination of experience, knowledge, and sincerity that help you find your direction, peace, and way back home. As a client myself, successfully and happily back with my dearest love, I wholeheartedly recommend his workshop if you are ready and determined to rescue your relationship!”
  -Jason Butler, MD Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Meet Your Workshop Guide, Coach Lee!

Coach Lee Wilson is one of the most respected relationship coaches on earth, having 71 million views on his YouTube channel and having been interviewed by major media such as The New York Times, USA Today, The Today Show Australia, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The New York Post, Men’s Health, Business Insider, Glamour Magazine, Daily Mail and many others.

As a relationship coach, Lee has two decades of experience and certifications in helping individuals and couples reunite after a breakup or separation. He has a Master Diploma in Marriage and Family Counseling and has consulted with A-List celebrities, world leaders, and private investigators in addition to every-day individuals and couples.

Your Co-Guide, Coach Ken 

Coach Ken has spent more than 20 years training, studying, and working with couples and individuals hurt by toxic relationships, narcissistic disorder, BPD, imminent rage disorder, anti-social disorder, gaslighting, love bombing, and dark empaths.

Ken has experience with thousands of couples dealing with breakups, affairs, child care issues, toxic or simply confusing relationships.
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Workshop Benefits

The Relationship Reignite workshop provides the expert guiance, understanding, and information to save a relationship no matter how you or your partner feel about the relationshp right now! We help even in situations others have called “hopeless” such as affairs, breakups, betrayal, “loss of feelings,” anger, rejection, lack of sexual fulfillment and other serious issues!


We can guide you as we have thousands of others to rescue your relationship even if you are separated, broken up, an affair has occurred or still is, and/or you are the only one who wants to save your relationship or marriage!

Self Awareness

It's often breath-taking how someone can experience that "ah ha" moment in our workshop that makes all the difference in restoring a relationship - even if you are alone in wanting to save your relationship OR you are the one who wants out!

Problem Solving

Our workshop coaches guide you to save your relationship - even if your partner doesn't want to right now! We help both people see how to get what they want in the relationship through the paths we teach and demonstate for you.

Self development

We guide you to re-attract your partner even if he or she has left and doesn't want to work on the relationship or marriage. Learn to re-attract your partner and how to come back from your situation even stronger than before!

(Limited spots available)

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