Breakup Coaching with Coach Rex

Coach Rex actually helped me during my first real breakup when I was 16 years old.” -Coach Lee

Coach Rex

Coach Rex has helped people with breakups for over three decades! He has been a long-time mentor and confidant to Coach Lee. Book a coaching session with him below for just $137! Times are U.S. Central Time and sessions may be by phone or Zoom. Click on the day you want below, if it’s available, and then click your desired time (Rex is in US Central Standard Time). Note: If calendar does not load correctly, send an email coachrex [at]

Testimonials from Clients

Where do I begin? I stumbled across Coach Lee’s YouTube videos during a moment of desperation, following the break up of my fiance and I after 10 years of healthy relationship. After feeling gradually stronger from the viewing of lead videos, I came to the conclusion a few months later that I needed to make some real Movement in my journey to “moving on”. I messaged coach Lee on Instagram, and he suggested I speak to coach Rex. After the first zoom session with Rex, I felt a sense of relief, I had someone in my corner, listening, understanding and offering sound advice. We would discuss things that I would not even discuss with my own family and it was extremely therapeutic. I listened to every bit of advice Rex gave me, and I now find myself in a healthy mental space, with a new refreshing outlook on life, and even the prospect if a new relationship. I cannot thank coach Lee and coach Rex enough for the support they gave me at the most challenging time of my life I’m out of my sad times now and have so much to look forward to with a new partner and a whole lot more going on in my life. -Zac A.

Working with Coach Rex has been instrumental to me moving forward after my bad breakup. At some of the lowest points of the break up I’d get on a call with Coach Rex and he would listen to everything and even wrote notes to remember the details. I feel I could literally tell him anything and he bars no judgement no matter what it is. His solutions oriented approach leaves the conversation with something for you to work on which makes the calls productive. I will continue to get on calls as I go through these times and as specific scenarios come about. -S.R.

The best decision I made (after listening to hundreds of hours of Coach Lee’s videos) was calling Coach Rex. Recovery from a BPD breakup and going through no contact is like climbing a steep, rugged mountain, and without coaching, you can slide back to the bottom and often in worse shape. Coach Rex gave me tangible foot and hand holds so I could properly manage my recovery. Coach Rex has the unique ability to read through a lot of information you throw at him and get to the heart of the current issue and give you actionable steps. I’m still climbing this mountain, but I am more skilled, nimble, confident, and at peace than if I scaled it alone. Coach Rex is that wise, calming voice of reason, and I am SO grateful to have him in my corner. -Terry P.

I would highly recommend Coach Rex. A few sessions with him provided more clarity and peace of mind than working much longer with other professionals, including another life/relationship coach for over a year. It helped me to move forward from a painful breakup. I will definitely turn to him for advice in the future. -O.T.

Working with Coach Rex, has truly helped me to stay calm and true to myself during this no contact period. Coach Rex is always available and there to help. He is so genuine, patient and kind but will not sugar coat anything. Every time I speak to him I feel encouraged and motivated to continue on my path and stay true to honoring myself and my growth. Whether my ex comes back or not I know I am ok and have healed, and grown so much. /he has kept me from making some bad decisions or wanting to act like the “crazy ex”. Now I just like to book time with Rex when I am having a really tough day and by the end I am feeling encouraged. Thank you so much! -A.M.

Working with Rex at a very low point in my life was very critical. He helped me gain perspective, and improved my self worth. He gave great guidance and kept me on track and focused with what I needed to do. He is also very calming and reassuring, and never deviated from the advice he was giving me.
He helped me do the right thing for me, break away and move forward with life. -WA

I am very grateful to Coach Rex for his ability to listen so deeply and offer guidance and support to the matters of the heart I have shared with him in our sessions. He offers a generous space of understanding and empathy, and reinspires trust I can have in myself and life to unfold perfectly in time. His coaching is impactful, supportive and effective for moving through challenging times and feelings. Thank you Rex 🙂

My experience with Coach Rex has been a blessing. His deep understanding of human emotions and relationships has helped me get through very difficult times in my life. He shares great coping skills and strategies to better help you manage your thoughts and feelings. I know Coach Rex is making a difference every day in people’s lives because he is passionate about his work and deeply cares about helping others.
-H. M.

Coach Rex has been a tremendous help every step of the way. From no contact to my ex reaching out. He has helped me from overthinking and allowing the process to happen naturally. I don’t think I’d have made it this far without him. -T.I.

Coach Rex is a true professional. He’s at this unique intersection between anxiety coaching, executive presence, and young professionals. I walked away with more than enough support to handle the breakup as well as level up my presence in the board room. By the way, his insightful coaching helped me get my ex back. Incredibly grateful to know Coach Rex. -I.B.