Emergency Breakup Kit Support

This page provides support for Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit, an online course for how to respond to a breakup, re-attract an ex, and give yourself a good chance at reunion.

Obviously people are free to make their own decisions and human behavior is not something that can be guaranteed. The Emergency Breakup Kit is an informational digital product that provides information and guidance based on two decades of professional observation and is yours upon purchase .

The Emergency Breakup Kit may show up as “Coach Lee” or “Coach Lee’s Love Dynamics” or “Wilson Coaching” on your credit card or bank statement.

Questions and Answers

Q: Is the Emergency Breakup Kit guaranteed to get my ex back?

A: Though people are usually amazed by the information in the kit accurately describing what happens with their situation following a breakup and are grateful for the guidance concerning responses to those events, we cannot ethically or even reasonably guarantee that it will bring someone’s ex back because we don’t know all the details of your situation and even in cases where we do, we (or anyone else) cannot predict the actions of every person. The kit is informational much like a text book or class in school. We provide the information obtained over two decades of professional observation and coaching along with details for certain situations and it is usually a tremendous help to someone going through a breakup. Be cautious of anyone guaranteeing anything when it comes to human behavior because no one can honestly or ethically make such a guarantee. That being said, the kit is an outstanding guide to help you get your ex back after a breakup.

Q: I live in France (or another country) and my government is censoring the videos in the kit. What can I do?

A: Fortunetly we have an alternative source where you can access the kit videos and the process is simple. Just contact myexbackcoach (at gmail) and we will get that to you.

Q: When I login to the Emergency Breakup Kit, it is showing a screen that asks me to buy the kit even though I have already purchased it. What do I do?

A: That is a browser cache issue. If you log out and then delete your cache, that should solve the issue. If you don’t know how to delete your cache or that doesn’t work, email myexbackcoach (at gmail) and we can log you out on our side which almost always resolves the issue.

Q: I logged into the Emergency Breakup Kit with an additional device and now it won’t let me in. How can I regain access?

A: Logout on each device and try to login again from the one you originally used. You should be able to log out of both and access the kit with whichever device you want. The software is designed to prevent multiple people from accessing the kit without purchasing their own access. If you are still having issues after logging out from all devices, contact us at myexbackcoach (at gmail) and we will log you out from our side which usually resolves the issue.

Q: Is the Emergency Breakup Kit a one-time purchase or will I be charged again?

A: The Emergency Breakup Kit (as well as the Emergency Marriage Kit) is a one-time purchase and you will not be charged again. The cancel button is provided in case you want to remove your future access to the online kit. That does not result in a refund since the kit is a one-time purchase and is not returnable like a shirt or defective physical product. The kit is informational and you are responsible for how you apply that knowledge.

Q: My specific question was not addressed in the Emergency Breakup Kit, what can I do to get an answer?

A: You have a few options to get answers to your specific situation if it is not addressed in the kit. You may book a coaching session with one of Coach Lee’s coaches or join our support community.

Q: How can I become a relationship coach to help others?

A: Coach Lee provides a training and certification program for aspiring coaches and current coaches seeking continuing education and information on how to become visible to more clients.

Q: How should I best use the Emergency Breakup Kit?

A: The Emergency Breakup Kit is intended to provide information to prevent an individual from doing things that decrease their chances of reuniting with an ex while also providing information on what to do to increase the chances of reuniting with an ex. Both angles are extremely important.

One of the best things that you can do is to go through the entire kit twice, take notes along with observations about your situation and what additional questions you have. Though we cannot guarantee anything since the situation includes human beings and not robots, we can say that for most people, the kit will put them on a strong path toward re-attracting an ex.

For those who need more, we suggest scheduling a coaching call. The kit will have you in a place to get the most out of a coaching session and usually makes it far more successful in addition to saving you time and money since the kit itself would be the equivalent to about 3 coaching sessions.

Problem not listed? Email myexbackcoach *at* gmail dot com