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Coaching call with Coach Lee.

Concerning Coach Lee and coaching calls: Coach Lee is taking a break from coaching calls to do more YouTube videos and courses. If you want to get your ex back, get Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit. Or his  Emergency Marriage Kit. The kits also contain information on how to book a coaching call with Coach Lee’s team if you feel the kit doesn’t cover your situation.

Coach Lee's Emergency Breakup KitOREmergency Marriage Kit

How much does Coach Lee charge? How much is a coaching session with Coach Lee?

Coach Lee charges $575 for a coaching session with packages available.

Does Coach Lee provide couple’s coaching session? Yes, Lee provides couple’s coaching sessions when he is providing his services.

When will Coach Lee start doing coaching calls again? The official answer is that Coach Lee is taking a break from coaching calls to do more videos, interviews, and courses. We recommend getting his Emergency Breakup Kit in place of a session with him at the moment. Within the kit information is provided on how to book a session with one of Coach Lee’s staff coaches for their session cost.

Are there other coaches who could help me if I want a coaching call? Yes! Coach Lee has two terrific relationship coaches on his staff who are full-time. You can find out more about each and book a session at these pages: Coach Rex and Coach Ken.