What Is In The Emergency Breakup Kit?

Is Infatuation or Limerence Bad?

Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit is an online course to help people get their ex back after a breakup. Whereas nothing is guaranteed in this life, the kit helps protect you from some of the worst things that you could do after a breakup if you want your ex back, and guides you on some of the best things that you can do to give you a good chance of re-attracting your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

Review of Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit by Theresa
“So, so good! I am stuned as to how helpful this kit was for me! I did so many things wrong after my boyfriend broke up with me but thankfully it had only been a few days and Coach Lee’s breakup kit showed me what I had done wrong and WHY and so I simply stopped. That was big for me becasue I felt SO MUCH like I had to do certain things to get him back and even though I wanted him back very, very badly, I learned how certain things I’d done had actually pushed him away. So it was like stopping my own self-sabatoge and that was so important in the whole thing. I applied what I learned in the kit and he ended up reaching out to me a couple of days before what would have been our 2 year anniversary and we got back together! Coach Lee, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! -Review by Theresa C.

What is inside the Emergency Breakup Kit?

Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit consists of videos that walk you through the panic and shock following a breakup and help guide you to developing a plan of action. Video by video in the kit, Lee helps you understand your ex and yourself better and how this new state commonly called being “broken up,” has changed things or reveals a change in your ex’s heart and mind that has already taken place.

Lee explains that breakup dynamics differ from relationship dynamics and so doing the things that would work to strengthen an intact relationship are unlikely to work to re-attract your ex. Understanding the new circumstances are what will assure you that what Lee is guiding you to do is the right thing to do going forward.

Within the kit, Lee also speaks to specific situations such as long-distance breakups, breakups with someone you have children with or work with and what to do when your ex reaches out to you. This section is very important because people often jump back into the relationship entirely too fast and cripple it, often causing another breakup that can be more difficult to rekindle. Lee addresses what you can do in that situation as well in the Emergency Breakup Kit.

Strategic Encouragement in Coach Lee’s Emergency Breakup Kit

Coach Lee not only takes you by the hand and helps you understand what is going on and how you should proceed, but also provides encouragement during the difficult days ahead. Sometimes an ex returns quickly when you follow Coach Lee’s coaching in the Emergency Breakup Kit, but as Lee explains, it can take 2 months or more for your ex to reach a place where they see your value again and the value of the relationship with you.

Because of this situation that can’t be rushed, Coach Lee provides encouragement in the Emergency Breakup Kit to help you get through and know that you are doing what you need to be doing.

Coach Lee walks you through the basics and then gets more strategic as your understanding increases. It’s important to take your time as you go through the kit. Lee recommends going through it at least twice before you start to impliment the strategies and techniques that he suggests. Time is on your side and so you don’t need to feel that you have to rush to action. As Lee points out, it’s better to take your time and do the right thing rather than rush and push your ex away for longer or forever.

In the Emergency Breakup Kit is also the ability to schedule a coaching session with one of Coach Lee’s staff coaches. These coaches have been trained and certified by Coach Lee himself and can help you apply the principles you have learned in the kit as well as handle unique situations.

The kit is an educational product to help you know what to do to give you the highest percentage chance possible of working things out after a breakup. Coach Lee guides you step by step and provides encouragement along the way. To get access to the Emergency Breakup Kit, click here.