Should Your Ex Think You Have Moved On?

What if your ex thinks you have moved on?

Many people find themselves wondering, “What if my ex thinks I’ve moved on?”

This question often arises in the aftermath of a breakup, and it’s one that clients frequently ask during coaching sessions.

They even ask if it’s a good strategy to try to convince their ex that they’ve moved on.

This article will explore this topic thoroughly, drawing from extensive observations and real-life experiences rather than theoretical ideas or second-hand advice.

Understanding the Impact

Is it good if your ex thinks you have moved on?

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The first thing you need to understand is that convincing your ex that you’ve moved on can go either way.

It can impact your ex positively, prompting them to make an effort to rekindle the relationship, or it can have the opposite effect, making them decide that it’s pointless to try because they fear rejection. Rejection is a powerful deterrent.

While some people believe that rejection can spur someone to pursue more aggressively, the reality is often different.

Rejection typically stifles efforts rather than encouraging them.

In many coaching sessions, clients have told me about their attempts to convince their ex that they’ve moved on.

They have shared stories of posting pictures online with potential romantic partners or leaving subtle hints to make their ex think they are no longer interested.

These efforts often lead to disappointment when they don’t hear back from their ex for months.

At this point, they seek advice on what to do next.

The strategy can backfire, much like trying to make an ex jealous, because the response can vary widely.

Attachment Styles and Reactions

If your ex has an avoidant attachment style, they are less likely to make an effort if they believe you’ve moved on.

This observation is based on numerous examples and experiences.

It’s challenging to predict concrete outcomes because reactions can be random and influenced by various factors, such as what your ex is going through, their thoughts, the information they have, and even their mood on a given day.

Despite the difficulty in predicting outcomes, one thing is clear: attempting to convince your ex that you’ve moved on is a gamble that often does not pay off.

The Power of Mystery

One of the most effective strategies is maintaining an air of mystery.

When your ex lacks information about you, it frustrates them and compels them to seek out that information.

If they can’t find it, they are drawn to you.

This mystery becomes your advantage.

Conversely, if they believe you’ve moved on, they are likely to assume that it’s over and avoid risking rejection by trying to win you back.

It’s crucial not to discuss your relationship or breakup on social media or with mutual friends.

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Well-meaning friends can inadvertently harm your chances by revealing that you’re still hurting and would readily take your ex back.

This information can make you appear as a backup plan, lowering your attraction.

What’s worse, your friend might overestimate their ability to help you and think they know a lot about how relationships work (few really do).

That can lead them to go to your ex and talk to them about you even if you have requested that they stay out of it.

I wish I had not seen so many times when this destroyed all chances of reunion.

The Role of No Contact

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One key strategy is to show your ex that you can move on, not that you have.

This approach starts the clock for your ex, making them realize that you won’t be available for them indefinitely.

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The no contact rule is pivotal here: don’t initiate contact with your ex. If they reach out, don’t ignore them, but refrain from starting the conversation.

Why No Contact Works

Not initiating contact demonstrates strength and independence after a breakup, suggesting that you are capable of moving on.

This realization pressures your ex to make a decision, knowing that you won’t wait around forever.

It also raises your value in their eyes, reminding them of why they were initially attracted to you and that someone else might feel the same way.

This makes your silence all the more concerning since it gives the appearance that you *might* be moving on to someone else.

Avoid trying to manipulate your ex by posting pictures of yourself on dates or with potential partners.

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If you do these things, it should be genuine—meaning you have moved on or are exploring new relationships for real.

Manipulative tactics often backfire and reduce your chances of getting back together with your ex.

Patience is the superpower that can help you get your ex back.

Avoid trying to “swing for the fences” or thinking of this as a sprint. It’s a marathon.

Handling Re-initiated Contact

If your ex does reach out, handle the situation with care.

Some people believe that telling their ex they’ve moved on will reignite their interest.

However, this often has the opposite effect, making your ex think there’s no point in trying to reconnect.

Instead, engage in a light and friendly way without explicitly stating that you’ve moved on.

Being light and friendly shows that you have a great life and aren’t bitter.

It also shows your ex that they can at least talk and interact with you without you verbally attacking them.

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That is important for when your ex does have the realization that the breakup was a mistake, that they want you back, and that they are afraid they could lose you.

One client shared how he told his ex-girlfriend that he had moved on, hoping it would make her try harder.

Instead, she put her profile back up on a dating app and started moving on herself.

I see this happen with both men and women.

This outcome highlights the risk of attempting to manipulate your ex’s perception.

Friends Can Complicate Or Destroy Things With Your Ex

Another crucial point is to avoid discussing your feelings and strategies with mutual friends.

Even friends with the best intentions can complicate matters by sharing your thoughts with your ex, thinking they are helping.

This almost always backfires, making your ex feel less attracted to you and viewing you as a backup plan.

It’s best to limit these conversations to professionals or trusted confidants who won’t intervene.

Setting a Time Frame

Decide on a time frame for waiting.

You shouldn’t wait forever, but it’s reasonable to allow yourself some time to heal and see if your ex has a change of heart.

This period of waiting should be a time for personal growth and reflection, not just for waiting on your ex.

Many people fear waiting, but it’s a personal choice that can lead to positive outcomes if approached correctly.

Healing and Moving Forward

Healing is crucial before jumping back into dating.

Rushing into a new relationship without fully processing the previous one can lead to emotional complications and hinder your ability to form healthy connections.

Give yourself time to heal, whether it’s two months, three months, or longer, before you start dating again.

There’s no rush.

Emergency Breakup Kit

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, trying to convince your ex that you’ve moved on is a risky strategy that usually does not yield the desired results.

The power of mystery, combined with the no contact rule, is a more effective approach to get your ex to reach out to you (and then comes the tricky part of rekindling the relationship).

This strategy shows strength, independence, and the ability to move on, which can reignite your ex’s interest.

Choose a reasonable time frame to wait and heal, focusing on personal growth during this period.

Avoid discussing your relationship with mutual friends and rely on professional advice when needed.

The Emergency Breakup Kit can provide comprehensive guidance to help you navigate this challenging time and improve your chances of reconnecting with your ex.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this article provides clarity and actionable steps for those navigating the complexities of post-breakup dynamics.

Remember, patience and self-improvement are key during this period.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out for a coaching session or get my Emergency Breakup Kit.


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