Questions and Answers About Coach Lee

Coach Lee

How can I ask Coach Lee a question about my situation?

Join Coach Lee’s support community. Coach Lee is there often and answers questions as does Coach Ken, Coach Rex and others.

How do I book Coach Lee for a speaking event?

Email Coach Lee’s assistant, Amber, at myexbackcoach [at] with the details of the event along with location, date, times, and other relative information. For interview requests see Coach Lee’s media contact and interview request page.

Who are the coaches on Coach Lee’s staff?

The coaches on Coach Lee’s staff are Coach Ken and Coach Rex.

How can I become a relationship coach?

Coach Lee provides training and certification for those who want to be relationship coaches.

Is Coach Lee hiring new coaches on his staff?

New coaches are expected to be brought on in the near future. Coach Lee’s organization selects candidates for future hires among those who participate in his coaching training workshop.

Where can I follow Coach Lee on social media?

Coach Lee holds social media accounts at the following places: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Rumble.

When does Coach Lee do live online events?

Coach Lee provides a live Q & A event on his YouTube channel 3-4 times per month on average. You may participate in these by subscribing to his YouTube channel to receive notifications or community posts announcing the day and time for the next one. You may see replays of his Q & As by going to the Live tab on his YouTube channel.

Does Coach Lee have a podcast?

Yes! Here are some places to download and join Coach Lee’s podcast: iTunes | Spotify | SoundCloud | Podbay | PlayerFM | ListenNotes | Podbean

May I have permission to use an article or video by Coach Lee?

You are welcome to utilize Coach Lee’s writings to encourage and guide others, and you’re welcome to share it on your website as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Clearly state that the article is written by Coach Lee Wilson.
  • Do not alter the wording.
  • Link to the original article on the Coach Lee’s website.
  • Do not charge for it.

Coach Lee’s videos may be used on other websites given that no claim is made that Coach Lee endorses another product or service. A video may be embedded freely on other websites.

May I quote one of Coach Lee’s writings from one of his books or articles in something I’m writing, translate it into another language, or adapt it into a dramatic work or other derivative work?

Generally speaking, quoting Coach Lee in a book or article is allowed under fair use laws, as long as the quotes are used in a brief, positive or neutral ways with proper attribution/citation. If you wish to translate Coach Lee’s writings or videos into another language, contact myexbackcoach [at]