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Discover the extraordinary opportunity to unlock your true potential in helping others find love and build fulfilling relationships. Our comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to become a successful relationship coach.

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Relationship Coach Training and Certification

Are you thinking about becoming a relationship coach or are wondering how you can become a relationship coach?

Or are already sure that’s what you want to do? Or maybe you want to become a coach but want/need to work on your own relationship first. Our training does both!

So if you fit either of those categories, it makes sense to be trained by one of the top coaches in the industry in order to bring credibility and trust to your name or company.

Relationship coach and author

Your Workshop Guide, Coach Lee!

Coach Lee Wilson is one of the most respected relationship coaches on earth, having 60 million views on his YouTube channel and having been interviewed by major media such as The New York Times, USA Today, The Today Show Australia, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The New York Post, Men’s Health, Business Insider, Glamor Magazine, Daily Mail and many others.

As a relationship coach, Lee has two decades of experience and certifications in helping individuals and couples reunite after a breakup or separation. He has consulted with A-List celebrities, world leaders, and private investigators, in addition to every-day individuals and couples.

Coach Ken co-hosts the training with Coach Lee and has spent more than 20 years training, studying, and working with couples and individuals hurt by toxic relationships, narcissistic disorder, BPD, imminent rage disorder, anti-social disorder, gaslighting, love bombing, and dark empaths.

Ken has experience with thousands of couples dealing with breakups, affairs, child care issues, toxic or simply confusing relationships.
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Essential Steps to Becoming a Successful Relationship Coach

Gain Experience, Education, and Certification
Acquire relevant experience, education, and certification in the field of relationship coaching. Pursue a degree in counseling or psychology, attend workshops, or join our training program.
Develop Strong Coaching Skills
Master professional coaching skills by enrolling in our coaching training program. Learn effective session structuring, asking the right questions, active listening, providing feedback and guidance, goal-setting, and client-specific strategies.
Understand Your Niche
Identify your specialization within relationship coaching, such as working with couples, individuals, families, or focusing on specific areas like communication, breakups, conflict resolution, finding the right partner, or intimacy.
Stay Up-to-Date on Industry Trends
Stay abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices in relationship coaching. Attend workshops, training programs, and join professional organizations to expand your knowledge and network.
Build Trust and Rapport with Clients
Cultivate a strong sense of empathy, non-judgment, and create a safe space for clients to open up. Leverage our training to establish trust with potential clients, benefiting from our brand reputation and adding your information to our directory of coaches.
Focus on Results
Guide clients towards achieving their relationship goals and lead them to overall personal growth. Emphasize a results-oriented approach, being open to adjusting your coaching techniques if necessary.

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