Radio Silence To Get Your Ex Back

Attachment Styles and No Contact Rule


Radio silence can help you get your ex back.

In the video above and in this post, I explain how to use Radio Silence to get your ex back after a breakup.

What’s The Difference Between Radio Silence and The No Contact Rule?

In the case of Radio Silence versus The No Contact Rule, there is a lot of similarity between the two.

But there is a strategic and important difference between the two.

Both radio silence and no contact utilize your chosen absence in the life of your ex.

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With both, you do not reach out to or initiate contact of any kind with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

With both, you respect your ex’s decision to break up with you and you do not call or text them about anything at all.

With both, you do not like any of their social posts or talk to any of their friends or family about your relationship or the breakup.

Your ex only gets your silence.

This is a large part of how you make your ex miss you and feel the loss of the relationship.

Whereas if you continue to be present in the life of your ex, they cannot miss you or feel the loss of their relationship with you.

Therefore, your ex would have no motivation to get back together with you.

girlfriendWhat is Radio Silence?

Radio Silence takes this concept a little further by intensely focusing on arousing the curiosity of your ex by making your disappearance even more complete.

With Radio Silence you would not post a status on social media. You would completely stop.

You would not like or comment on a post of anyone at all.

Your ex, along with the rest of the world, would not see any activity from you online.

You would strategically avoid mutual friends of your ex.

If a chance meeting occurred, you would be certain not to mention your ex or any feelings you have concerning the breakup.

The correct way to implement Radio Silence is to leave your ex unable to find any kind of update about you.

Being radio silent would also ensure that your ex has no way to feel your presence or have any experience, no matter how indirect, with you.

To your ex, it’s as though you have disappeared off the face of the earth when you apply radio silence.

While you are radio silent, your ex could look everywhere and find no answers as to what you are up to, if you are dating anyone, if you are moving on, etc.

Radio Silence Pros and Cons

With Radio Silence, you certainly stimulate your ex’s curiosity, which, as I often point out, is a precursor to attraction.

You also heighten the sense of mystery surrounding yourself – another strongly attractive trait.

Both of those things are extremely powerful and if your are asking how to get your ex back, you need to know that those contribute to reuniting with them.

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Where you miss out on some strategic options is that when you use Radio Silence, you are not able to post pictures of yourself on social media with groups of your friends having fun.

It’s a powerful and effective thing for your ex to see that you are able to have fun, socialize, and live your life without them.

This helps your ex to see or at least believe that you are capable of moving on.

That makes your ex concerned that if they don’t make a move soon to get you back, they could lose you forever.

This is usually necessary to provide enough motivation for your ex to reach out to you.

I am often asked which is better – radio silence or no contact.

I’ve observed that both are effective and that is why I recommend using both.

I suggest adding in periods of radio silence within no contact.

emergency breakup kit

That has been effective and the best of both worlds.

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The Power of Silence After A Breakup

Silence is powerful after a breakup if you want to know how to get your ex back.

People often underrate or fail to see the power of simply not communicating with their ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, or separated spouse.

The key is to be radio silent to create curiosity within your ex as to why you are not reaching out to them and not trying to get them back.

Then, when this curiosity is not met with answers, your ex begins to feel some of the panic you felt after the breakup as your ex becomes concerned that you are moving on or at least could.

You should not announce your moves or plans to your ex.

Don’t tell him or her that you are going to use no contact or radio silence.

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That destroys the potential effectiveness and makes you appear manipulative (not to mention cheesy).

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