How To Make Your Ex Jealous

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Be sure to watch my important video above on how to make your ex jealous all the way through and then read the article below to the end (I recommend that you watch the video first).

In this post I’ll describe how to make your ex jealous.

Take your time watching and reading.

Don’t just scan the headlines.

This is important.

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Though it might sound immature to some, especially if they aren’t going through a breakup or haven’t had a tough breakup, people who have been dumped usually see the value in causing their ex to feel jealous.

Seeing an ex through the adoring eyes of another can often work wonders on rebuilding some of the attraction that fell and caused the breakup to happen.

Making your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend feel jealous without them realizing that you are trying to is a tricky and risky task.

If your ex thinks that you are trying to make him/her jealous in order to get them back, you only diminish your chances of getting your ex back.

The reason is because it seems like you are trying to manipulate them and that you don’t believe you can get them back with your own merit or value.

It will appear that you lack the self confidence to get your ex to come back to you based on who you are and, instead, feel you have to resort to creating a fake and unnatural scenario.

If you want your ex back, don’t fall for the idea you have to produce a fake lover or love interest.

Having said all that, I can tell you that suggestion and perception can be extremely powerful to getting your ex back.

This is especially true if you are wanting to know how to make your ex jealous.

As you might have heard me say in several of my YouTube videos (SUBSCRIBE to my channel so that you can be notified when I have new content that’s helpful to your situation in addition to videos on attraction, marriage, and mindfulness), “curiosity and mystery are precursors to attraction.”

That means that having a sure answer can actually stunt the growth and power of attraction.

Though having a certain answer as far as knowing you have a new love interest can bring about an emotional response in your ex, it is less likely to move them to action or for them to attempt to get back together with you.

The reason is because there is a strong possibility that your ex could think less of you as a person if they believe you are in a new relationship shortly after they broke up with you.

Your ex could see you as simply wanting to be in a relationship with someone and not necessarily with someone you have a strong connection with or to.

Here’s the deal:

It could look like you will just take anyone who will be with you.

Your ex could wonder if the relationship with them was that important in the first place if you could simply start another with someone that soon after.

Yes, this is true even if your ex is in another relationship themselves.

It might seem hypocritical – and I agree with you that it is – but your ex is still likely to see you in that light despite his/her own situation.

And if your goal is to get your ex back, you shouldn’t be distracted by a double standard right now.

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Keep your eyes on your goal.

Be Real and Subtle To Make Your Ex Jealous


So you now know that you can’t afford to have your ex believe you are trying to make them jealous.

You also know that you shouldn’t gamble by convincing him/her that you are actually in a new relationship because that can blow up in your face too.

What you can do to make your ex jealous, however, is to be social.

That means you go out and do things in groups of friends in mixed company.

Some people in the group should be single if possible.

You are still doing good, however, even if they aren’t.

The reason for this is because if you want to make your ex jealous, you can often do so by them knowing that you are not just sitting at home alone and that you are around people who might be interested.

Your ex shouldn’t know for sure if you are wanting to attract a new person or not.

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That’s the beauty of it!

Your ex has to wonder if any of those people are interested in you.

Or if you are interested in one of them!

Plus, if you are going out, it’s possible you could meet someone who is not even in that group at all.

This can cause preoccupation and anxiety in your ex – especially if you combine this with the no contact rule.

How Can You Show Your Ex?

Obviously your ex has to know that you are going out and being social.

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This has to happen for them to know that there is a possibility you could meet someone or that someone might be interested in you.

The obvious way to do this is to post pictures on social media of you out with friends having a good time.

But Remember:

You shouldn’t overdo this.

It shouldn’t look like you are trying to get the attention of your ex.

Again, that’s very important.

So don’t fall for the idea that more is better.

The odds are good that your ex will see the post.

I can tell you that because there have been scientific polling by major universities who conclude that more than eighty percent of ex’s stalk the person they dumped on social media.


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Your ex will likely know.

You should focus on having a great time with your friends as much as possible.

That doesn’t mean you close the club down and pretend to have the greatest night in the history of nights.

Let’s be real, most of those places are just loud music and drinking.

Yes, I said it.

Sure, it can be fun, but there’s really only so much you can do and your ex might easily figure out that you’re trying to exaggerate what happened or the time you had.

Again with the mystery.

Let your ex wonder what you and your friends did and if you had a great time.

Some posts should show you’re having a great time and others show a more subdued portrayal.

This will look more natural and like you aren’t trying to paint a picture to get their attention.

It is also fine for the pictures to be of you with people who are not obvious romantic possibilities.

We want to show that you have friends and that people like being around you.

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Not only is that attractive, it suggests possibilities.

Those friends could introduce you to someone!

Or your ex could think, “Surely that person doesn’t think there’s a chance for them to be together.”

Mystery creates more thought and curiosity than having the answers and that will keep you on your ex’s mind leading to an increase in attraction along with concern that they could not be able to get you back if they wanted to.

This can help them learn that they do want to get back together with you and that can press the button for your ex to be jealous.

Also, use the general rule of thumb that you can make your ex jealous by really having a great life.

Your ex can feel that you are doing so without them which can make them jealous on its own.

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I wish you the very best!

Coach Lee
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