How To Know If No Contact Is Working

What is my ex feeling after breaking up with me?

I’m going to explain how you can know if no contact is working on your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

If you are using the No Contact Rule after a breakup to get your ex back and want to know if it is working, I can help you have an idea if it likely is.

Even if you don’t see these signs from your ex, no contact is still very likely having affecting them even if you can’t see it.

So don’t give up! Watch my video below all the way through.

In the video above, I show you how you can know if the No Contact Rule is working on your ex.

Signs No Contact Is Working

So you’ve applied the No Contact Rule and you want to know if it is making your ex miss you and, ultimately, want to get back together with you.

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I don’t blame you.

You’re in luck!

I’m going to show you how you can know if the no contact rule is working on your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

I’ll explain what to look for and remind you why you are doing no contact in the first place (because it is that effective).

There are different ways to know if no contact is working and I discuss five ways that you can know or at least have a very good idea if your decision to go silent and let your ex truly experience the breakup they think they wanted is working to re-attract them back to you.

In other videos, I discuss the no contact rule and how it is effective and powerful in getting your ex to miss you, reach out to you, and to want to get back together with you.

In this one, I tell you the signs that show no contact is working so that you can know you are making progress to get your ex back.

I’ve seen no contact work countless times to get an ex back, but I’m a realist and I know that you’d like to have some things to look for and see with your own eyes to know that it is truly working.

With that in mind, I filmed this video for my coaching clients and those who haven’t yet had a coaching call with me.

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is no contact working on my exClues That No Contact Is Affecting Your Ex

Since you have read this far, I’m going to go ahead and share a few clues on if no contact is working.

The most obvious is that your ex reaches out to you.

Your ex texts, calls, or approaches you.

If that happens, it’s a demonstration of motivation from your ex.

Motivation for what?

Wanting to feel some sort of connection from you.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your ex wants to get back together with you yet or that no contact has worked completely, but it certainly is a clue that suggests it’s possible and that no contact is working to a degree at least.

It’s certainly a good sign!

How To Tell If No Contact Is Working

If your ex wants to feel a connection with you by a simple text or face-to-face, that can only be a good thing if you want him/her back simply because it shows they are comfortable with you and hasn’t written you off.

That’s the gold standard in terms of an action from your ex, but even if that doesn’t happen, you can still see some signs that no contact is working.

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Another of those signs is that your ex is curious about you. In my article called, “The Stages Your Ex Goes Through During No Contact,” I explain that curiosity is the stage your ex will likely go through after relief.

You want your ex to be curious because that means that no contact is working.

One way to know if your ex is in that stage is that he/she speaks to mutual friends about you.

Your ex might ask how you are doing, if you are dating anyone new yet, or if you’ve said anything about them.

Those questions demonstrate some level of curiosity and that is a great sign.

It means that your ex is thinking about you, wondering about you, and maybe even preoccupied wondering about you.

If that is the case, it means that your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend is very likely wondering if you are moving on or if you would take them back.

Hear me on this:

That doesn’t always mean that no contact has worked enough that your ex wants you back right this second.

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It certainly could mean that, but it also could mean that your ex is moving in that direction.

That’s a positive!

While I’m not suggesting that you put all of your hope in the actions of your ex or that you spend much energy trying to find out these things about your ex, I am saying that if you note these things about your ex, it’s a good sign and should add to your confidence in the no contact rule.

It’s important at this point that you don’t get emotional or seem too eager.

You must control yourself if you want them back!

If your ex can see that they can simply have a conversation with you without you bringing up the relationship or asking them how they feel about you now, then your ex will know that they can interact with you without having to worry about things getting awkward.

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That’s important for your ex to know.

In fact, it is key for them to know because you do not want it to be where one hundred percent certainty is required before your ex reaches out to you.

If they anticipate awkwardness or that you will start chasing them, then it will take a lot more interest from them and certainty for them to reach out again.

We want it to only require a little doubt in their decision to breakup with you and a little uncertainty.

That way, it’s easier for your ex to come back to you.

Be sure to watch the video above all the way through to find out more ways you can know that no contact is working.

AFTER that, I suggest you read the “Stages,” article that I have linked to above.

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Deciphering the Effectiveness of the No Contact Rule in Rekindling Old Flames

Navigating the turbulent waters of a breakup can be perplexing, especially when you’re committed to winning back your ex.

Adopting the no contact rule, a strategy where you deliberately refrain from reaching out to your former partner, often leaves many in a state of uncertainty.

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Is this silence truly making a difference, or is it just a silent echo in a void?

Understanding the Power of Inaction

The no contact rule is more than just a passive state; it’s a strategic form of inaction.

While it might feel counterintuitive, this approach gives your ex the space to experience life without you.

It’s a drastic shift from the usual patterns of interaction they’ve become accustomed to and can trigger a sense of curiosity or even loss.

This period of absence isn’t just about waiting; it’s a profound statement that something significant has changed.

How To Know That No Contact is Influencing Your Ex

Social Media Posts: Your ex’s social media activity can offer clues.

Posts reflecting on the breakup, expressing sadness, or even those subtly directed at you can be indications that your absence is felt.

While it’s not advisable to obsessively check their social profiles, occasional glimpses (I know you do) can provide valuable insights into their state of mind.

Unexpected Encounters: If your ex starts appearing at places where you frequently hang out, or spots that are out of character for them, it’s a strong signal that no contact is working.

These “accidental” run-ins are often deliberate attempts to cross paths with you, driven by their longing and the impact of your absence.

Reaching Out to Your Circle:

When your ex starts contacting your friends or family, it’s often more than just a casual check-in.

They might be seeking information about you, gauging how you’re handling the breakup, or trying to feel connected to you indirectly.

Direct Contact: The most apparent sign that no contact is working is when your ex reaches out to you.

This outreach is a clear indicator that they’re missing your presence and are possibly reconsidering the breakup.

It often serves as a pivotal point in the journey of reconciliation.

Your Own Healing: An often-overlooked sign of no contact working effectively is your personal healing.

Feeling better, regaining emotional stability, and not being consumed by thoughts of your ex are significant milestones.

This personal growth not only aids in your well-being but also enhances your attractiveness, making a potential reunion more likely.

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Leveraging No Contact for Personal and Relational Growth

While the primary aim of no contact might be to get your ex back, it should be equally about your personal transformation.

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This period should be used for introspection, self-improvement, and regaining your sense of individuality.

A stronger, more confident you is inherently more appealing and better equipped for a healthy relationship, whether it’s a renewed romance with your ex or a fresh start with someone new.

Plus, you’ll feel better.

In conclusion, how you can know the no contact rule is working is by observation as well as paying attention to what is going on inside of you.

While challenging, is a powerful tool in understanding the dynamics of your past relationship and in charting a course for future connection.

It’s a journey that not only impacts your ex’s perception of you but also brings significant personal growth and resilience.

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