How To Make Your Ex Regret Dumping and Leaving You

How to make your ex regret dumping you

In this video, Coach Lee explains how you can make your ex regret dumping, leaving, and breaking up with you.

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Make Your Ex Wish They Hadn’t Dumped You

What you wish and pray for is that your ex will wake up, come to his/her senses, and realize that they made a terrible mistake by breaking up with you and regret leaving you.

Upon having this epiphany, your ex would call you and say:

“I made a terrible mistake. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me and take me back?”

That might sound like a fairy tale to you at this point.

I understand.

Though I can’t promise you that it will happen, I can tell you that I’ve seen it happen a lot.

Because of the size of my audience of millions on YouTube, I see emails and comments every day from people whose ex came back to them.

These people used what is called The No Contact Rule as a starting point for getting their ex back.

It’s often the last thing that someone wants to do or feels they should do after a breakup.

The reason that backing away from your ex and not making any effort to contact or communicate with them seems like the wrong thing to do is because it feels like doing so would take away control from you.

In life, we panic the most when something is out of our control.

This is especially true when that control over something important to us is in the hands of someone else.

As a relationship coach, one of the first places I usually start when consulting with someone on how to cause their ex to regret leaving and to have remorse concerning the breakup is convincing them that they didn’t have control in the first place.

Control is an illusion with most aspects of life.

In this case, you feel that if you could keep an eye on your ex and keep in contact with them, that you could retain some control and influence in the situation.

Am I right?

If you are being honest, you also likely don’t feel attractive enough (emotionally, mentally, and/or physically) for your ex to experience regret and to want to get back together with you.

You feel you have to take desperate measures or do something extraordinary to win back their love.

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It can also be that you fear that the relationship wasn’t enough for your ex to miss you and what you two had together.

After all, if you truly felt that you were attractive enough that your ex would want you back once he/she reflected on who you are and what you two had together, then you would not be attempting to do anything to force it to happen.

You would just allow your ex to get their act together with confidence that they would.

It would just be a matter of time as far as you were concerned and if they took too long they might mess around and lose you.

It takes emotional strength to find yourself in that position.

It takes confidence and trust in yourself to back away, allowing what your ex experienced with you to speak for itself.

The truth is, it actually makes you more attractive when you do that.

It’s partly because of a concept known as “acting from a position of strength.”

In other words, if you do what a strong person would do, you appear strong.

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Someone in a position of strength doesn’t beg.

That’s reserved for someone whose back is against the wall and who is desperate.

In sports, when a team is leading the game, they don’t take risks or attempt things that suggest they are desperate to change the outcome.

There’s no need because they are winning.

They see that what they’re doing is working so they don’t doubt themselves.

They are in the position of strength.

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Teams who win on a regular basis usually play that way even before the outcome of the game is decided.

They believe in their ability, their players, their coaches, their preparation, and their game plan enough that they don’t have to do anything “special,” or “gimmicky” to win.

If you want your ex to regret leaving you and to truly have remorse for breaking up with you, he/she must come to that realization on their own.

You can’t truly talk your ex into getting back together with you.

Your ex has to want it.

Your ex won’t get back together with you just because you want it except in very rare occasions when he/she just wants to shut you up until they can escape you in another way.

It will take your ex not only reflecting on what it was like to be with you, but for him/her to witness your strength by you not chasing or begging them to come back to you.

Such strength will allow your ex to move into one of the most important stages that an ex goes through after a breakup and that is the stage of fear/concern.

Your ex becomes concerned (or preferably, terrified) that you are strong enough to move on from wanting to be with him/her.

You see, when someone breaks up with you, because they were the one to put you aside, they assume that you could be easily gotten back at any moment if they wanted you back.

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With that security, your ex feels free to do whatever they want with whomever they want and doesn’t feel they have to come face to face with the idea that they could’ve made a mistake.

After all, if they can simply get you back if they wanted, there’s no consequence to breaking up with you.

There is no worry that a mistake was made by leaving you that might cost them.

Their thinking is that if they ever did decide they wanted you back enough in the future, they could just send you a quick text and you would come running to them, grateful to be in their presence again.

The arrogance of the dumper is quite the mental state.

It prevents them from reflecting and evaluating what they had because there’s no concern that it could actually be lost.

However, you can ensure that your ex experiences this arrogance for as short of a time period as possible by backing off and allowing him/her to truly experience the breakup.

That means that he/she doesn’t experience contact from you.

Does your ex want you to contact them?

Of course they do.

It’s a nice ego stroke and underscores that you could easily be gotten back.

It gives them relief.

It assures them that there’s nothing to worry about.

Heck, when you keep contacting your ex, they can even be unsure about whether or not they want to stay broken up with you but feel no need to explore getting back together with you!


Because you are demonstrating to them that you are so easily gotten back that there’s no need for them to feel any pesky pressure to actually make a decision.

They can tell you that they don’t know what they feel and haven’t decided or that they are confused.

In this way, you prolong the breakup.

But when you give them your absence and your silence, you don’t give your ex the luxury of being indecisive.

Because when your ex reaches the awareness that you aren’t going to make an attempt to get them back, that you are confident enough in yourself that you can stay away from them, that’s when your ex is forced to wrestle with the reality of the situation amidst the concern that you, being attractive and strong, could attract someone else.

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Immediately after breaking up with you, your ex isn’t likely thinking that you could attract someone else, at least not consciously.

So your ex hasn’t really made an informed decision by breaking up with you.

I suggest you inform them by using the no contact rule.

Give your ex something to regret and that is that they have potentially lost you.

How else could your ex want change unless they felt that if they didn’t change, there would be a negative consequence?

Contacting, begging, pleading, pouting, bribing with gifts, etc., spares your ex from any negative consequences of the breakup.

Why would they want to take any action to change anything?

Give them a reason to regret their actions.

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Coach Lee
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