How To Know If Your Ex Has ‘Moved On’

Ex Ignores Me and Doesn't Respond

One of the greatest concerns by people who have been broken up with and want to get back together with their ex is whether or not their ex has ‘moved on.’

Watch the video above all the way through as Coach Lee discusses:

  • the concept of ‘moving on,’
  • how to tell if your ex has ‘moved on,’
  • and what you can do about it.

Has My Ex Moved On?

The term ‘moved on’ is used so often that most people seem to think that there is a specific point that could be reached by an ex to where getting back together with him or her becomes impossible.

Is that really true?

One thing to consider before I dive deeper is this:

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Your ex ‘moved on’ to some degree when he/she broke up with you.

Telling you that they want to break up, that they don’t want you in their life is moving on to large degree.

The real question is, is it permanent?

Can you do anything about it?

How can you tell if your ex has moved on (signs to look for)?

But then I’ll ask another question, what is it that someone moves on to when they ‘move on’?

And is there never ever any hope of them coming back from where ever they moved on to?

What seems to meet most people’s definition or concept of ‘moving on’ is that it is a point when someone is no longer emotionally attracted to another individual and completely seeks a life apart from them.

Again, however, that’s likely what your ex felt when he/she broke up with you.

If it wasn’t completely felt on the day they broke up with you, it was likely a decision with the expectation to reach that feeling at some point in their near future.

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That doesn’t mean for sure that your ex will reach that point and it doesn’t mean that you can’t re-attract them.

You already know that your ex’s head and heart are not where you would like for them to be.

So that part isn’t anything new.

Relationships are often a moving target and that certainly applies to getting your ex back.

Some days you are behind and some days you are gaining ground.

As long as your ex is alive, there’s a chance.

Your use of the no contact rule after being broken up with is key.

Begging, communication, refusal to accept your ex’s decision, and trying to seek so-called closure from your ex prevent your ex from truly experiencing the breakup to actually learn if they want it or not.

Watch the video above for more information and more of my thoughts on whether or not your ex has ‘moved on’ and what you can (or can’t) do about it.

I have seen two people get back together years after a breakup.

People often ask me what is the longest I have ever seen between a couple breaking up and then getting back together.

The longest I have seen is eleven years.

People have shared with me cases where it happened after an even longer amount of time.

I hope that is encouraging.

Why should it encourage you if you are wondering how to tell if your ex has moved on?

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Because you don’t have to get them back today.

If it doesn’t happen right away, that doesn’t mean that there is no hope.

I’m not suggesting it will take years.

It usually only takes 45-60 days.

That might sound like a long time but that time is necessary.

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Getting your ex back is more than just doing the right things.

It’s allowing time to work on your ex.

Also see my article and video entitled, “Is Your Ex Over You?”

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