Games An Ex Plays When They Want You Back

Games an ex plays when they want you back.

Navigating the Intricate Games of Exes: Insights from Coach Lee

In the realm of relationships and breakups, understanding the subtle games played by ex-partners can be both intriguing and challenging.

This can especially be true if these games are played because your ex wants you back.

This article discusses the nuances of these games, offering a deeper understanding for those grappling with the complexities of post-breakup interactions.

The Friendship Ploy

One of the most common strategies employed by exes is offering friendship.

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This often occurs a few weeks post-breakup when the initial shock has subsided, and reflection sets in.

However, this offer is not always as straightforward as it appears.

Often, it’s a strategic move, stemming from a mix of longing, uncertainty, and the desire to maintain some form of connection.

The ex-partner may not be sure about wanting you back but is also apprehensive about the growing distance and the finality that a complete separation would bring.

This ambiguity becomes a significant sign, especially when combined with other behaviors or consistent contact.

Displaying Anger over Lack of Contact

A less frequent, yet notable game involves the ex showing resentment because you haven’t reached out post-breakup.

This reaction can seem paradoxical since they initiated the breakup.

However, it’s a manifestation of their expectations and assumptions being challenged.

It’s a test to see if you are still emotionally invested in them and if they still hold a place of significance in your life.

The Jealousy Bait

Employing jealousy as a tool is another manipulative strategy, aptly termed by Coach Lee as the ‘jealousy bait.’

In this scenario, an ex might intentionally display themselves with a new romantic interest to provoke a reaction from you.

It’s a calculated move designed to boost their ego and gauge your level of interest or attachment.

Such behavior often stems from a desire to feel desired and reassured of their attractiveness.

In these instances, Coach Lee advises maintaining a composed demeanor, not reacting to such provocations, and not allowing them to disturb your emotional equilibrium.

Feigning Concern with ‘Are You Okay?’ Messages

An ex reaching out to check on your well-being might appear considerate at first glance.

However, it could be a subtle game to trigger a response from you, reaffirming their importance in your life.

It’s a tactic to coax you into showing continued interest or concern, thereby boosting their ego.

The Status of Belongings

Finally, a common game revolves around the status of personal belongings.

An ex might create situations around retrieving or returning items as a pretext for maintaining contact or as a symbol of reluctance to fully let go.

This hesitance can signify lingering feelings or an unwillingness to close the chapter completely.

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Understanding and Responding to These Games

Navigating these games requires a blend of insight, patience, and emotional intelligence.

Coach Lee emphasizes the importance of not responding in kind but maintaining a calm, collected demeanor.

Showing strength and confidence, without hostility or excessive eagerness, can be pivotal in these interactions.

Moreover, Coach Lee advises against accepting the offer of friendship on face value.

Instead, he suggests engaging with an ex-partner in a manner that maintains your dignity and self-respect.

This involves not acting like a friend but still displaying polite, nonchalant behavior.

When faced with expressions of anger or concern from an ex, a casual and unbothered response is key.

It demonstrates maturity and self-assuredness, qualities that are attractive and may even shift the dynamics of your interaction.

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In the case of jealousy bait, the recommended approach is to not engage or show any visible reaction.

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This stoic response can be disarming and may even lead to a reconsideration of their tactics.

Finally, dealing with the issue of belongings should be handled with a pragmatic and unemotional approach.

Demonstrating that you are moving on, irrespective of their actions, is essential.


Understanding the psychology behind an ex’s actions post-breakup is crucial in navigating these waters.

Coach Lee’s insights offer a roadmap for dealing with these situations effectively.

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It’s about striking a balance between showing self-respect and not falling prey to manipulative games.

By maintaining a composed and confident demeanor, one can navigate these complex emotional terrains with dignity and grace.

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