Should You Flirt With Your Ex? If So, How Do You Flirt With Your Ex?

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In this video, Coach Lee answers the question, “Should you flirt with your ex?” And if you should, “How do you flirt with your ex?”

Be sure to watch the video all the way through.

If you have been broken up with and want your ex back, Coach Lee explains what you should do when you interact with your ex.

Should You Be Flirty With Your Ex If You Want Them Back?

People often think that they should be cold and even distant from their ex when their ex starts reaching out.

That’s especially true when people are familiar with the No Contact Rule that I talk about a lot.

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The assumption is that since I tell you not to contact your ex, that you should be cold or tough in your interactions with them.

That’s not true.

You shouldn’t be mean, cold, or rough on them.

The reason is not because you are trying to kiss up to them or earn their love with kindness, but because being rough or cold to them actually shows how much they got to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in being open and honest with your partner and in being vulnerable with them.

But you aren’t partners right now.

Right now, it’s about attraction, showing strength, showing resolve, and showing your ex that you could move on.

While you don’t want to say that to them, you want them to wonder about it and have the potential to become preoccupied with the idea that you could and that they could have messed up big time by breaking up with you.

Coach Lee discusses if you should flirt with your ex or not and gives direction on what you should do if you want your ex back.

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