Dating Coach for Women

Dating coach for women


I’m Coach Lee and I’m a dating coach for women who can help you achieve your relationship goals.

I work with women just like you (and some who aren’t anything like you).

If you are tired of settling, utilize Coach Lee to:

  • Be asked out more 
  • Be asked out by higher quality men
  • Successfully approach men (if you so desire)
  • Get him to commit
  • Win the heart of that one man!
  • And More (I can’t list them all here)

I’ll Coach and Guide You In The Following KEY Areas:

  • Your conversation skills
  • How you use your voice
  • Dating interaction (you’ll role play with me so that you have experience to turn to on real dates)
  • Your appearance (clothing selections, hair, posture, things you can help, etc)
  • Flirting skills
  • Non-verbal communication
  • …and MORE in order to get you more QUALITY dates or even to help you get the man of your dreams!

datingDating Coach For Women

I have worked since the year 2000 with a world-renown Attraction Expert who has a Ph.D. in biomedical science with an emphasis in human attraction. He mentored me and I branched off to be a dating coach for men while he works with troubled marriages.

I apply that world-class knowledge and nearly two decades of experience in the relationship industry to help you attract the man/men you want to attract (and probably some that you don’t since being attractive does have it’s drawbacks!).

As a dating coach, I am gentle, but honest. My goal is to truly help you and sometimes that includes being honest even when it involves suggesting a change.

You and I will work together as a team with me being a trained eye and ear to help you in your dating relationships. Two heads are better than one and your happiness in love is so important! Note: Your privacy is extremely important and all details shared within a session will remain confidential.

Book the call and let’s get going!

FemaleClara’s Experience with Coach Lee

I couldn’t believe how insightful and helpful Coach Lee was on my very first call with him. It was invaluable to get a male perspective on what I was ‘putting out there.’ As a woman, I guess it had never occurred to me how certain things might appear to a man because I just assumed they saw certain things the same as I did.


Within a couple of calls I was asked out for the first time in nearly a year! And it was by a great guy. Lee’s dating preparation was extremely helpful while on the date and, in all honesty, I was not expecting that. The date went very well and I felt confident and sexy because of Coach Lee’s guidance. Lee was professional, kind, and has an analytical mind that I deeply appreciated. I will refer him to other women I know who could use the help!  -Clara

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